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Mini Elliot Dopp Kit

$32.00 $25.60

Brand: Alchemy Goods

Color: Black

This sophisticated travel companion is suitable for carrying your essential grooming tools and accoutrements. With an exterior constructed from truck inner tube, this bag will keep potential spills at bay.  Durable, water resistant exterior constructed from upcycled truck inner tubes.  4 x 8 x 3.5" inches


  • Handmade in Seattle, WA
  • Made from recycled material, 100% recyclable.


Their mission is simple: "Turning useless into useful." Alchemy is the medieval science of turning lead into gold. More generally, it means magically turning something of lesser value into something of greater value. For Alechemy Goods, the value isn't economical so much as ecological. They look for materials that are normally discarded that might have value with a little bit of imagination and some hard work. Every Alchemy Goods bag or accessory purchased represents one less part of our world destroyed. That's why all their products should have the highest possible recycled content, but also be superbly functional and aesthetically pleasing. The logo intentionally looks like the periodic table. The number in the upper right hand corner represents the percent (by weight) of recycled material in the product you purchased. This Seattle based company is making some very useful things indeed.