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Statement Earrings


Brand: VK Designs

Color: Oxidized

Hammered and forged to the perfect weight, heavy enough to feel sturdy and light enough to wear everyday. Approx 2 3/4 inches wide. Balanced & bold with a dark patina, these earrings will definitely be a piece to talk about. 

  • Made in Portland, OR
  • Fairmined Silver


VK Designs demonstrates fresh thinking in the field of metalsmtihg with a foundation in traditional techniques and high quality craftsmanship.  Only using conflict free diamonds  and all recycled metals, so shop with confidence.  5% of each sale goes to support the "No Dirty Gold" Campaign. Why recycled metal? Gold and silver mining is without a doubt one of the world's dirtiest industries: it uses cyanide, generates heaps of waste, and leaves a long-lasting scar on landscapes and communities. 80% of all gold is used to make jewelry. For more info visit: VK Designs are dedicated to using ethically obtained materials. Valerie Kasinskas of VK Designs has been trained by master metalsmiths & holds a bachelor of Fine Arts Degree.