Radish Underground

Has closed it's doors forever

Why? You ask



It was a hard decision, but ultimately one I'm glad I made.  As many of you know, Gina and I opened Radish in 2008 and I (mostly) bought Gina out in 2013 and have been (mostly) solo-Radishing since.  It was a really good move for both of us and you can read more about what Gina has been doing below.  In 2016 a really fortuitous thing happened, the owners of my favorite underwear brand in all the land, the New Zealand based Thunderpants, asked me to launch a US version.  I jumped on the idea, licensed the brand, and started having them manufactured in Portland (at an amazing factory I'll add, because, well, they are so amazing).  Now Thunderpants USA is a full blown business.  It's sold at 40ish boutiques around the US and Canada and growing fast.  I maybe technically could keep doing both, but... that seemed totally crazy.  I have truly loved Radish.  The best part for me was forging relationships with our wonderful lovely customers and with the most badass group of women designers and fellow shop owners. --and a couple great dudes too, but this industry is dominated by women and they have been a constant inspiration to me.  It's the most collaborative and supportive community... makes me feel such pride just thinking about it.  

Love Radish as I have, it was time for me to choose, and I chose Thunderpants.  I won't skip over the fact that retail is an increasingly difficult business.  It wasn't a hard decision to be honest.  I didn't need to be an economist to read the numbers, or a meteorologist to see which way the wind was blowing.... it's blowing online is where it's blowing.  You should order Thunderpants online, it's totally the future, but you should support your local shops too.  They hold up a whole sector of small makers and businesses that pay fair wages, keep your money in your community, and give you access to beautiful meaningful things.  So much of we all love about Portland is alive and well because of small shops (and small businesses in general), and it's getting harder and harder to survive in the post-amazon/walmart/H&M/everything online world.  I'll put a list of my favorite shops in town at the bottom of this page.  There is some seriously good shopping to be had right now!! 

Farewell my Rad people, thank you so much for the support, the laughs, the connections, and the love.  It did not go unnoticed and will not be forgotten. --and a quick shout out to the Pittock Block Building crew! You've been THE BEST landlords.  Man oh man did I get lucky with you guys.  I am really going to miss being part of your community.

So long, and thanks for all the fish! 

xoxo Celeste

A word from Gina


After a decade of dedication, discovery, delight, distress, perseverance, amusement, achievement, and a thousand other ways in which this marvelous journey this has changed our lives, it’s time to close this chapter and make space for the next adventure. We are both, Celeste and I, truly honored to be a part of the thriving small business community of Portland and couldn’t be more grateful to the designers, patrons, partners, collaborators, and cohorts who helped make our dream a reality. We cherish the mountain of memories and experiences we take with us. And we’re not leaving the scene, merely changing the scenery! Personally, I have been privileged to carry on the support of creative professionals in my work as a consultant, speaker and educator helping artists learn about business. You can contact me via GinaJMorris.com for booking or more info.

We are and always will be deeply grateful to YOU. You know who you are. You are rad. And we love you. Thank you.


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