Move Over Summer Sale!

We know it doesn't feel like it, but it's time to move on over to Fall! We're having an end of Summer Sale to give you guys some great deals on all our remaining Summer styles.

Check out our sale section online or head into the store to grab some one time only deals on  some of your favorite brands:

Raw Earth Wild Sky
Jennifer Galsgow
Field Day
And more...
And More...

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Freedom Stripes - freedom to express ourselves, to be who we want, to feel comfortable in our skin and in our undies! Celebrate the 4th with some patriotic panties. 
Sailor Stripes - Get that 'I'm on a boat!' feeling wherever you are this summer. And if you're lucky enough to be on a boat, not only will you look adorable, but your undies will stay in place as you're bumped around by the waves!

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First Thursday Art Installation with local artist Jen LaMastra

June Art Installation and First Thursday

with local artist Jen LaMastra

One thousand four hundred and sixty five days of collecting, wishing, and manifesting change. Come see this transformative multi media installation. 

they said it would just take time


First Thursday Reception: June 1, 2017 4:00 to 8:00pm

Installation up for the month of June


Jen creates painstakingly beautiful work, and we’re so excited to host this brilliant and unique installation.

There will also be snacks and drinks, as well as custom t-shirts with the print designed by Jen. A portion of the profits will be donated to A New Way of Life Reentry Project, a non profit organization that helps formerly incarcerated women rebuild their lives. 


Come! Stop by! It promises to be magical....




These limited edition Crane prints designed by Jen, sewn and printed in Portland will be available for pre-order at the opening party. They will be ready to pick up and purchase mid June - at Radish and online at Thunderpants USA! A portion of the profits will be donated!


Visit Jen LaMastra's website to view more of her work and contact her about commissions, events or workshops. 

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Mini Golf May is HERE!

It's time to come Putt for a discount!

It's our annual Mini Golf May sale! Come in from May 26th - May 29th for a chance to play some golf in our window for a discount on your entire purchase. This is the best deal we do all year!

Get a hole in one - 20% off, a hole in two - 15% off,
or a hole in three - 10% off!
For those of you who don't like here in PDX and can't stop by the store this weekend - 

use code: MEMORIAL

for 10% off your entire purchase, including SALE items! 

Come have some fun with us! 

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Earth Mineral Cosmetics are at Radish!


We are so excited to announce that Moonrise Creek - a natural mineral makeup line from California - are joining the long list of amazing makers at Radish! Moonrise Creek has beautiful natural cosmetics including, my personal favorite: cream concealer and mineral foundation powder in all the shades, natural liquid eyeliner and mascara that not only smells great but lasts all day without running, and a spectacular tint stick you can use as a blush or lip stain. 

They also make some brilliant mineral eyeshadows in earthy shades, under eye elixir that really works for those bags we all get, and an all natural blemish treatment. On top of all that they also do makeup brushes that are vegan and made in the US! 

If you're in town and would like to try out any of these products, just stop into Radish! If you're from out of town but would love to get your hands on some of this makeup - just shoot us a message and we can answer any of the questions you might have (I use every single one of these products, so I'm a great resource!).


Radish Underground 

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Spring is coming!


Spring is almost here and we are gearing up at a fast pace in the shop and online! We have new Jennifer Glasgow, Bodybag by Jude, Field Day, Raw Earth Wild Sky, and Tuesday Shop - all of which will make you look so good coming out of this miserable weather! 
Tons of beautiful dresses for this coming sunshine (fingers crossed). This year is all about the shift dresses - lots of those in the shop now in some amazing light weight materials. But don't worry, we still have your classic JG and Bodybag fitted dresses in as well. Come check them all out - they're going fast! 
Also, shop our SALE section online - we have tons of great deals on some amazing Fall / Winter items. If you don't see what we have online in the store - just ask us! 

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On Being Falcon Patriots

We don’t gain strength from divisiveness.  We aren’t safer when we turn our backs on the most vulnerable people in the world.  We aren’t a great and bright country without diversity, compassion, and standing up for each other’s rights.  I don’t know if it’s good business to get all political, but this isn’t politics, it’s people’s lives, their rights, their security, and it affects all of us.  My brain is so twisted up with disbelief and shock I’m finding it difficult to stay focussed on business as usual. Maybe it’s time to do business as usual just a little differently.


So, yeah, we’re gonna have a Super Bowl Sale and we’re going to discount the most cozy and comforting things we can offer made by independent businesses (primary women owned) who are committed to paying fair wages, manufacturing locally, giving back to their communities, and trying to make the world a better and more beautiful place in some way.  We’re going to donate part of each sale to the International Rescue Committee  If you want to contribute, we will donate your discounted portion too, but no pressure.  We won’t judge.  Our denim, Nikibiki, and Thunderpants are so rarely on sale, I wouldn’t blame you for taking advantage. 


If you are ordering online use code: COMFORT to get 15% off and SHELTER to donate that 15% to the IRC.


We take care of each other because we are Falcon Patriots!!  See you Sunday my lovelies.

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Our good friends over at ThunderpantsUSA just launched their shiny new website!  

Get your hands on the first run of Thunderpants made in the USA.  More styles coming soon :)


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