Goth Spring + Moody Western = April Anxiety

          If you're anything like me (Celeste), April Showers bring on a serious case of the baseless angries.  When the only good reason I have for being in a mood is that sometimes I just need to be in a mood for no good reason, I dig into some good alt-country anti-love songs and sulk around in anything black, edgy, and knit.  I have to spend a couple weeks in a goth cloud… but I'm just not young enough to be uncomfortable, and too grown up to stay in my PJs.

          Woah-man! Sometimes Cel and I are so on the same page it's scary. Kyja here and when Celeste told me the theme of this weeks "Listening to Fashion" blog entry, I was/am totally feeling it! Sure temps are heating up and the world seems full of color, but I have a restless discontent that can only be satiated by beautiful black dresses and some loud sullen folk country. After a decade in this boutique retail game, I can tell you, no one can deal with anxiety properly in any other color than black!! (well, maybe grey :) )
If you need a wee bit of wallowing here's what we are wearing and listening to:

Eve Gravel :: Guyane Dress

Mara Hajjar :: Pendulum Necklace


Listening to : Phosphorescent "Song for Zula"

Annie50 :: Calamity Jane Dress

Emerald Medusa :: Vajra Bracelet

Harlow :: Champagne Crystal 4 strand Necklace


Listening to: Jason Isbell "Different Days"



Raw Earth Wild Sky :: Wisdom Sheath Dress

Sahlia Michelle :: Gunmetal Whisper Necklace

Greaybeard Leather :: 9 Nickel Cuff


Listening To :  Gillian Welch "Miss Ohio"


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Gina's Mama

Gina's Mama said:

The blues is what gets you the joy! Your “work” is all in the “doing”….and what a sweet thang you continue doing. Had the other RAD Gal Gina with us last week..she and her dad & brother rocked the Raven…playin’ and singin’….tune together: Love Me Like a Man. Black is a wardrobe must Always…i often wish all i had in the closet was Black..white and a touch of red. We may see you NYE. Take care..good work!


Sera said:

Snap on the Goth Mood Celeste and Kyja! Find myself wearing a total black silhouette daily at the moment, here in NZ heading into Autumn.. Its somewhat calming..! :)

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