April Angst + neo-90's Girl Rock = Grown Up Grunge

    If showing up in matching outfits to the Portland Sewing Fashion Forward show Saturday night is any indication, Kyja and I have both moved on to army green and denim.  Our goth mood seems to have transformed into some kind of Reality Bites genX neo-90s angst. (and by angst of course I mean angst in a totally customer service oriented sort of way --not like the gum chewing teenager who sold me shoes yesterday!)  To really pull off the 'this is just how I look when I wake up in the morning… these clothes were just on the floor and I didn't even run a comb through my hair' look you need an interesting jacket or sweater and some raw edges. This is not the 90s and we do not really want to go back to unflattering oversized band T-shirts or teeny tiny baby shirts.  One needs well fitting, well made clothes to be convincingly nonchalant.
    I can't help myself when it comes to this style. It's just so freaking cool. When the Imagine tank dress from Raw Earth Wild Sky came in, I knew I was bound to live in that thing all summer long. Don't get me wrong, a super feminine full skirt in a floral print with a vintage inspired peep toe shoe and curls it totally another "go-to" look for me, but it doesn't have that 'I don't care' air that I've been looking for this week. I also love me a layering sweater with this style and, BTW, it must be entirely meshy crochet or at least partially. (That's right, this lady loves a sweater with holes in it. Cannot help myself, at all.) Plus, the greatest part of this 'super cool and I don't care' style is the shoes. Bust out those motorcycle boots, clogs, creepers, and converse all stars, because these looks are just begging for comfy tootsies.

Next, we've got the perfect soundtrack for you: HAIM, Grace Potter, and Tegan and Sara: a couple a ladies who are clearing feeling our angst 90s mood.

Annie 50 :: Jackson Dress

Preloved :: Venus Sweater

Betsy & Iya  :: Jalisco Necklace

MapleXO :: Catamaran Earrings

Listening to : HAIM "Don't Save Me"



Orange Exterior :: Sexy Back Dress

Parfleche :: Large Satchel

MapleXO :: Catamaran Earrings

Listening To : Grace Potter  & the Nocturnals "Never Go Back"


Raw Earth Wild Sky :: Imagine Dress

Layers Squared :: Shell Cardigan

Luscious Jewelry :: Wish Bone Pendant

MapleXO :: Catamaran Earrings

Listening To : Tegan & Sara "Now I'm Messed Up"


 Bonus Photo :: Celeste rocking her Grown Up Grunge on vacation. (Because that well dressed babe never stops being effortlessly cool!)

Raw Earth Wild Sky :: Sankuru Jacket (ON SALE!)

Fetch Eyewear :: Reese Sunglasses

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