Boss Dress + Power Pop = Takin' Charge!

       Alright, enough is enough.  April is finally over and it's time to get on with life. No more moping, no more grunging around in a 90s apathy fog, it's go time.  The work is piling up, my sister is in from New Zealand, and the time of action is here --or, to be quite honest, it was probably here a bit ago, but it takes the real pressure of running out of time to get my butt in motion.  If there's one thing I've learned from being a life long procrastinator, it's that if you need to get your ass in gear you need two things: an appropriate outfit and an appropriate sound track.  Time for some power clothes and power pop.
    Geez Louise! I really should have gotten it together a week ago (maybe this blog wouldn't be so late - sorry ladies!) This week was my birthday and then, 2 days later, I had midterms. Pathetic story short, I should have studied more. It's certainly time to put on a structure jacket, a pencil silhouette and show this world that we are ladies who mean business!!

Proper motivation is key to pulling off this look. We turn to some awesome power pop to get us in the mood. Future Islands : Seasons(Waiting On You), Typhoon : Young Fathers, & Janelle Monae Featuring Prince Givin' 'em What They Love.

Jennifer Glasgow ::  Edo Dress

Loop Jewelry :: Deco Rectangle Earrings


Future Islands :: Seasons (Waiting on You)

***Great Performance on Letterman! (Look in the comments section ;) )


Dorisse :: PALLA Earrings

Studio SKB :: Quick Jacket

Rose Temple :: Antonieta Skirt


Typhoon :: Young Fathers


Betsy & Iya ::  Bahusia Hoops

BodyBag by Jude ::  Swell Bolero

Studio SKB :: Audrey Dress

Kim White :: Tack Waist Belt


Janelle Monae, ft. Prince :: Givin' 'Em What They Love


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