Small Biz Sat Nov 29th: Meet Lauren!


Small Biz Sat Trunk Show Featuring: Loop Jewelry 11-4pm

+live music! +delicious food! +hot cider! +additional 10% off all etsy sellers!


Here at Radish we love Loop Jewelry and we love Lauren Greenwalt, the designer and master maker.  We asked Lauren a little bit more about herself and her process so you could get to know her too : 

What were you doing before you became a designer?
I was an executive assistant for a local company called Bishops Barbershop. I was with the company from 19-31. I learned a lot from them about business, marketing and the essentials of customer service, which I think is the key to a good brand, to have a good person who honestly cares behind it. To have a connection with your customers is beyond dollars, it's wholeheartedly satisfying. 

What would you be doing if you weren't?
I would love to rehabilitate old furniture and houses too for the matter.
I love furniture, architecture, craftsmanship and design. So, the other day, I bought a beautiful 70 year old Cedar Lane altavista trunk at an estate sale, and I sanded the varnish off, and buffed it with wax from the national treasure, it's ga ga gorgeous. 

Tell us about your latest collection.
My heart really resonates with old architecture, and I love great design. It just sings to me, so I try to bring that through in my work. I like my pieces to be a conceptual, something that makes you think. It's not flowery, but strong or bold. I like to design jewelry that makes women feel empowered and strong, to amplify what they already are.

Walk us through a typical day. From your coffee order to what your bedtime is? Do you have  particularly creative hour/time of day?

Ha! Well - now that I am my own boss lady, I like to let my dog be my alarm (I really don't like alarms, who does?). So, Buford (my dog) usually wakes me up between 8-9am. I make coffee or tea, take him for a walk or a run (we like Mt. Tabor) and then I usually start work at 10am and continue till 6 or sometimes 8 or later. 
Then I have to unwind, so I like to watch a movie, and then I go to bed around 12am. 

It's funny, I thought then when I became self employed, I would have all of this time, but I am super busy! I can't complain though, I love my job!

My creative times are definitely morning and night, mid day I am kind on autopilot. 

What effect does music have on your creative process? Do you have something playing all day?

I love music.I love love love music, and would listen to it every time I was in the studio, but I started to get restless after hour 5 and I needed more stimulation, so I just recently got into audiobooks, and it is awesome. 
I just get in the zone and I can work for a very long time if I have an awesome book that I am listening to. 
When I was little, I loved to draw, and one of my favorite things was to draw when my Teachers read books to us in class, I would just get in the zone, so that type of meditation is still very much intact. 
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