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Holy crap I'm blogging!!  I've done so much ruminating and so little typing that I have a whole blog series.  I'm going to call it: 


Paraphrased advise from the greatest couples' councilor in the world, my Chinese doctor, and my darling effing mom.  


What, you are wondering, does this have to do with fashion?  What does is have to do with our little West End Portland boutique?  Well, I've been thinking a lot about our values, because as Radish stares down it's 5th birthday and in light of our recent change, it's a good time to revisit the why of why and what of what we are doing.  We set out to be a place for designers to get much needed support and guidance, and for our customers to have access to goods with a little soul breathed into them: something they can feel good about buying, owning, and supporting.  At the bottom of if it all is the desire to be part of an inspired community fueled by mutual respect and encouragement.  All this thinking about choosing a set of values and where that comes from, keeps leading me back to these three people and their inadvertent influence over the way we conduct business at Radish.



Let's start with the greatest couples' counselor on the planet.  I don't have a picture of Maurie, but he was in his 80s when we went to see him (and by we, I mean a herd of couples who all sought him out after he turned Josh and me from two lathered beasts into little Gandhis  --Josh is going to kill me for this!) and you can suffice it to say, he is Miracle Max from The Princess Bride.  He has the wild white hair, blazing sharp eyes, accent and all.  Every time I left his office it took great personal strength not to say, 'Have fun stormin' the castle!' as I walked out the door.   I love the memory of that man so much my heart could burst.  


I'll start with the simple advise that has been most relevant in our lives as Gina and I made the tough call and worked it out.  He, of course, was talking about one's spouse, but I think it is good advise in any relationship.  It was Gina and my philosophy from the beginning of Radish, and perhaps why we continue to have a steely strong high-fiving partnership through the stresses of owning a business and the big shift in gears. 

Also, here is a video of Miracle Max to remind you (if you haven't seen The Princess Bride... do. immediately.).  Maybe watch the video first so you can read the "quote" in the style of Miracle Max for full effect?  

(what notation do you use when you are paraphrasing?! --I'll use single quotations as in it's almost a quote): 

 'Life is hard. It's hard, and filled with challenges.  We find a partner so that we can face these challenges together, as a team.  You want to help each other through life's difficulties, not create them for each other.  You should always build your partner up, and never cut them down.'


oh, and he's way cuter than Miracle Max: 




just in case: 





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Joe said:

I was so exicted that you put a part of the Pricess Bride on your blog. Seen the movie many times but saw Rob on a daily show and heard him talk about how good the book was. Just finished it and I wanted to find the unabridged version of it by S. Morgenstern…..yes, you heard me…..and I wondered why I couldn’t find it. Thank goodness for google! Just thought you would get a laugh…on me….oh well. The book was great. Booking a flight to Florin City as we speak…hahaha.


Murillo said:

I can’t eat cream cheese, so I tried this with che8vre. I stuiustbted garlic scapes from my CSA share for the scallions, and I left out the Worcestershire because the che8vre is so much tangier than cream cheese.Great use of radishes! Yum.

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