Hipster Dolly Parton

Maybe it's my haircut (I requested hipster Dolly Parton this time)… Maybe it's the new Patty Griffin album I can't stop listening to.  Whatever it is, I've been feeling very 'country singer/songwriter' lately.  I can't write a country song to save my life ...well that's not entirely true "Montana Crazy" is coming along:

'I look alright in these skinny jeans, but inside I'm a rodeo queen.

my country mouth runs away from me after 3 shots of whiskey.

you may not know it by looking at me, 

but I'll alway be (a little) Monnnnttannnaaa crazy.'


I really really can't sing so I guess I'm feeling country songwriter, I mean cool country, Nashville underbelly country, stylish country like a hipster Dolly of course, or Lucina Williams, Patty Griffin, or Gillian Welch.  Here's what I wear to feel like Nashville's cool underbelly:  





*Reversible Sweater by Selector 

*Ocean Yoga Jeans by Second Clothing

* Hand braided bracelet by Tracy Talley

*Leather Cuff by Greybeard Leather

*Druzzy Ring by Bahgsu Jewels 

*Merlot Earring by Radish Underground 


And, most importantly, here's what I'm listening to: 


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cqjohnson said:

HAAAIIIILLL.Yeah…..damn right hit that baby right in the bull’s eye! A song..a great photo of a girl who has hidden talent and knows some witches and fairies! Music..Country kinda cool…you made my day Miss Celestial Jane. This just kicked my ass in a very fine way!

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