Sing it Ladies

Ok, I've not been quite so prolific or 'on schedule' as I had hoped (I'm referring to the blog here, but this can also be a general statement).  My brain just straight refuses to stay on task. And I seem to be allergic to efficiency.  This is the sort of thing that can start causing one problems, so I told my financial advisor I was butting up against my organizational deficiencies in search of some sage advice on how to reign it in. She recommended I worry less about trying to change and to get an assistant.  This is just the kind of advice I can get behind.  Thank you Jackie (btw Jackie is amazing:  So I have been doing a little bit of universe puppet mastering to best accommodate, well, myself, and got Miss Amanda back into the Radish fold! (got her two other assistant jobs and two well deserving friends/colleagues their first assistant --assistant sharing: the wave of the future!!  --everyone wins!!) That been taking me a bit to get fully set up, and so in the meantime I asked most on-task-space-ordering-genius I know to whip Radish into shape: my big sis Portia.  That is going painfully well.  It hurts so good.  And then there is Rad Gal Kyja just being the best little support system of an employee a transition crazy business owner could ask for.  To tap into this, dare I say it, girl power, I've been listening to these little gem on heavy rotation: 
Wow.  Forgive me if you've heard this one a million times, I can't get over it. 16? Are you kidding me? 16. --She's from New Zealand just like our favorite brand of undies from down undie: Thunderpants.  
Valerie June: 
If I can be honest for a second, I decided I was going to love Valerie June the second I laid eyes on (a picture) of her.  This hair is killing me.  I was really hoping I would like her music seeing as how I was going to download it regardless (I really haven't reacted this strongly to amazing hair before, I can't explain it).  Well it is beyond good.  I like picture her back stage doing vocal warm-ups in this



Valerie June - Workin' Woman Blues (official video) from PIASGermany on Vimeo.

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