Earth Mineral Cosmetics are at Radish!


We are so excited to announce that Moonrise Creek - a natural mineral makeup line from California - are joining the long list of amazing makers at Radish! Moonrise Creek has beautiful natural cosmetics including, my personal favorite: cream concealer and mineral foundation powder in all the shades, natural liquid eyeliner and mascara that not only smells great but lasts all day without running, and a spectacular tint stick you can use as a blush or lip stain. 

They also make some brilliant mineral eyeshadows in earthy shades, under eye elixir that really works for those bags we all get, and an all natural blemish treatment. On top of all that they also do makeup brushes that are vegan and made in the US! 

If you're in town and would like to try out any of these products, just stop into Radish! If you're from out of town but would love to get your hands on some of this makeup - just shoot us a message and we can answer any of the questions you might have (I use every single one of these products, so I'm a great resource!).


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March 16, 2017 4 tags (show)

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