On Being Falcon Patriots

We don’t gain strength from divisiveness.  We aren’t safer when we turn our backs on the most vulnerable people in the world.  We aren’t a great and bright country without diversity, compassion, and standing up for each other’s rights.  I don’t know if it’s good business to get all political, but this isn’t politics, it’s people’s lives, their rights, their security, and it affects all of us.  My brain is so twisted up with disbelief and shock I’m finding it difficult to stay focussed on business as usual. Maybe it’s time to do business as usual just a little differently.


So, yeah, we’re gonna have a Super Bowl Sale and we’re going to discount the most cozy and comforting things we can offer made by independent businesses (primary women owned) who are committed to paying fair wages, manufacturing locally, giving back to their communities, and trying to make the world a better and more beautiful place in some way.  We’re going to donate part of each sale to the International Rescue Committee https://www.rescue.org/article/emergency-appeal-help-refugees-us-now.  If you want to contribute, we will donate your discounted portion too, but no pressure.  We won’t judge.  Our denim, Nikibiki, and Thunderpants are so rarely on sale, I wouldn’t blame you for taking advantage. 


If you are ordering online use code: COMFORT to get 15% off and SHELTER to donate that 15% to the IRC.


We take care of each other because we are Falcon Patriots!!  See you Sunday my lovelies.

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