Measurement/Fit Guide

 How things fit at Radish Underground:

We carry quite a variety of lines, and they all fit a bit differently.  In general, a 0-2 is an XS, 4-6 is a S, 8 is M, and 10-12 L, 14 is an XL.  

For most of the garments that are knit or have a good stretch to them, this is true: Raw Earth Wild Sky, Hubris, Texture, Rose Temple, Preloved, Layers Squared, National Picnic, Ecoskin, Daisy Rock, Carolyn Hart, Volacious.  

For all of these lines Gina wears an XS, Celeste wears a S, and Kyja wears a M. 

For our more structured lines the sizing shifts a bit: XS: 0-2, S: 4, M: 6, L: 8-10, XL: 10-12. The more structured lines are Dagg and Stacy, Annie 50, Bodybag, Jennifer Glasgow.  For the most part the Bust is the measurement is the limiting factor.  With a bust measuring 39" Kyja moves up to a L in these lines.  

We have two lines that only do S-M-L: Una and Wolf Child.  Una is 0-2: XS, 4-6: M, 8-10: L and is cut in such a way that it really does accommodate a wide range of bodies!  It can strech a bit and still look great.  If you are a 12 and don't have a large bust, a large will work for you as well.  Wolf Child is a line of amazing tees shirt with a variety of fits all described in the product section.  For the most part it's a bit big for anyone who is very small, but Gina does wear and love them.  0-6: S 8-10: M 12-14: L

Here are our Measurements and how things fit on us: 

    • Gina, our model, measures 32"-24"-34" and 5'4" she prefers the XS in all lines except Una (which she LOVES) she wears a S
    • Celeste (that's me!) at 5'2" and 34"-27"-38"  5'2" prefers the S in all lines (except Una and Thunderpants where I move to a M).  I wear my clothes fitted and so if you're around my size or measuring just a bit bigger you might move to a Medium in the knit lines if you don't like your clothes as fitted as I do.  At my bust size, all S structured pieces fit we really well.  I'm more limited by my hips, and the very fitted pencil skirt bottoms don't work on me if they don't have stretch. 
    • Kyja at 5'7" 39"-32"-41" prefers the M in most lines.  She moves to a L in our more structure lines (shown above) and in Una because she is on the busty side. If you measure smaller in the Bust, you could move to a M in the structured lines.  


How to take measurements:

1. Measurements are taken/written: Bust-Waist-Hip

2. Using a measuring tape (soft little number you might see hanging around a tailor’s neck) is best, but I just pulled the tape measure out of my tool box and I got pretty accurate numbers from that, so it’ll do in a pinch.  

3. Take your measurements over light clothing or undergarments.  Thick clothing with change the measurements.

4. Measure the Bust at the fullest part, the Waist either at the smallest part or where the body bends when you lean to the side, and the Hip at the fullest part (usually right in the middle of the bum). 

5. When you take the measurement you want to put the tape tight around your body, but not too tight.  Pull it taut, but not so much that it digs into the body.  If using a utility tape measure you really want to make sure you get it taut because it is sort of fighting against you a bit.  I pulled it a bit tighter then the soft measuring tape. 

6. Always feel free to email us with any fit questions!!