“The monthly showcases at Radish Underground just get better and better… (Radish) has gone out of its way to distinguish itself from the fray. The regular highlighting of exciting, handpicked Portland designers speak volumes about what owners Celestial Sipes and Gina Johnson stand for, and the foodie linkage indicated in their name is proving to have an appropriately locavoric effect, to a degree of success reminiscent of the early years at Seaplane.” –Marjorie Skinner, Portland Mercury, “SOLD OUT” column:DUST BOWL BALLADS


“Radish Underground, not just your garden variety boutique.” –


Portland Picks #1 Pick: “We found intricately designed and detailed items worthy of our attention, and a comfortable living room setting (where our sweetie waited patiently as we tried on one cool top after another).”


“They’re all about treating fashion a little more like art, minus the sparse cold gallery feel.” - Neighborhood Notes


“Last night’s opening celebration for Radish Underground was packed… with the jovial crowd balancing wine glasses with one hand and pawing through the selection of hip-yet-comfortable pieces heavy on the organic cotton with the other–this is your new go-to spot for the hoodies you live in.” – Marjorie Skinner, The Portland Mercury, MOD Blog


“Radish Underground is the only shop in the U.S. to carry Thundies, undies from Down Under and a little to the right meaning New Zealand. Made of stretchy fabric, so there’s no need for elastic at the waist or legs, come in artsy handprinted wood-cut prints so cute you’ll be tempted to wear them on the outside of your clothes. But don’t. Even on Superman that is not a good look.”  The OregonianHAPPY B-DAY TO RADISH


I see London, I see France, Willamette Week loves our Thunderpants! -  WW’s fashion super finder Kelly Clarke


“Bracelets made from metal spinal columns and feathered party hats are only some of the treasures you’ll find at Radish Underground… owners and former ballerina’s Celeste Sipes and Gina Johnson have stocked their small space with everything from unique, sustainably produced local women’s fashions, to new vinyl from local musicians.” - PDX PipelineRADISH UNDERGROUND IN PICTURES


“…a cool opportunity to score something one-of-a-kind, and sprinkled with some Hollywood fairy dust to boot. McQueen’s creepy albino insect necklace, on the other hand, I could easily rock, and not just on Halloween…” - The Portland Mercury, MOD Blog: FASHION & FILM AT RADISH UNDERGROUND


“Stop by Radish Underground… for a First Thursday opening featuring the wearable work of two people involved in the film: costume designer Paloma Soledad and model maker Keith McQueen.”  The Portland Mercury, Blogtown: CORALINE


“Packed grand opening party seemed a good omen for (Radish Underground), as did a collection of small lines that looked very wearably New Portland. Hailing mainly from the West Coast, lines like raw earth wild sky (Los Angeles), Studio SKB (Portland), and Suzabelle (Seattle) held court among Ts, hoodies, and jackets that looked easy and functional as well as forward thinking and unique.” – The Portland Mercury, “SOLD OUT” column: THE NEW PARADIGM


“…the shops have been working together to promote one another, as well as promoting the West End as the next Portland shopping destination.” - The Daily Journal of CommerceWEST END GIRLS


Grand Opening feature in The Oregonian, “Storefronts”: RADISH UNDERGROUND


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