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Natural Blemish Treatment


Brand: Moonrise Creek

Treatment: Blemish Treatment

Willow Bark + Calendula

An earth wise anti-bacterial formulation, intended to cleanse surface pathogens, rid skin of toxins, while soothing associated redness & swelling.
Made with all organic, truly natural, vegan botanical ingredients. All of our products are free of toxins, parabens, synthetic fragrances & colorants. We never test on animals, and always use the highest quality extracts, essential oils, herbs & botanicals.

• Roll vial between hands to gently mix all ingredients
• Apply product directly onto blemishes & acne (avoiding any open or broken skin, as this may cause slight discomfort)
• Use 1-2 times a day, after cleansing your skin & before any astringent, toner or moisturizer

• Witch Hazel an a natural astringent that helps with acne control by reducing inflammation and decreasing oil. We have infused the Witch Hazel in this blend with Willow Bark, which is a source of natural salicylic acid, and has been shown to contribute effects similar to those seen from synthetic salicylic acid, with absolutely none of the drawbacks associated with its use. (Truly mother nature at her finest).
• Calendula is a miracle herb for the treatment of skin blemishes and acne. It's properties have been shown to speed up wound-healing by several actions that include; increasing blood flow to the affected area, promoting the production of collagen proteins and possessing anti-septic and anti-inflammatory effects due to its flavonoid content.
• The Essential Oils: Tea Tree - Aids in clearing up acne sores. Parsley - Pulls toxins from the skin. Fennel - Hormone balancing & skin revitalizing. Lemon - Cleanses surface pathogens. Chamomile - Reduces inflammation. Clove - Pain reliever, kills bacteria, with strong antioxidant properties. Eucalyptus - This miracle oil helps dry up blemishes, pus-filled pimples & acne.

  • Handmade in Grass Valley, California
  • INGREDIENTS: Witch Hazel Extract Infused with Willow Bark, Calendula Flower Extract, Essential Oil of Tea Tree, Parsley, Fennel, Lemon, Chamomile, Clove & Eucalyptus. 
  • SIZE: 0.35oz Clear Glass Roll on Vial. 


Moonrise Creek is a family owned and operated company dedicated to creating high quality, earth wise, back to your roots artisan goods since 2014. Their shop contains an array of handcrafted botanical goods, including plant based skin care, mineral cosmetics, aromatherapy, healing herbal apothecary, mens grooming items, as well as other shaving and cosmetic tools. We are a planet wise, animal friendly, low impact, earth conscious company.