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Booze Bottle Necklace


Brand: Gritty Jewelry

Size: O/S

What's your poison? The bottles are hand sawed in Seattle. The XXX design is hand-stamped on to sterling silver, and riveted to the copper bottle. Each one is handmade individually, and will vary slightly. Each bottle measures 3/4" x 1/4".
  • Handmade in Seattle, WA
Kim Merritt, also known as Gritty Kim, started making jewelry (seriously) 8 years ago. With a love of transforming raw materials into new, interesting things and thriving on Seattle's gritty core that often gets overlooked, she goes through a process of drawing to cutting, bending, sawing to finished product. She's a self proclaimed lover of  beers, beards and bikes. Surprises hide behind almost every loose brick.  To quote Kim: "The constant debris of life inspires me. Oh, and serial killers. They’re pretty fascinating… from afar, of course."