High Rise Ankle Yoga Jeans


Brand: Second Clothing

Yoga Jeans by Canadian Second Clothing Co are designed with flexibility and style in mind. You actually could wear them to your yoga class, or put 'em on everyday for the comfort they'll add to your busy lifestyle. "Made of top-quality denim containing 82% brushed cotton, 16% polyester and 2% elastane, Second Yoga Jeans hug the curves of the body in any position," Second Clothing said. "They fit the ups and downs of a hectic day and metamorphose into laid-back fashion in the evening. For those who rack up air miles, Second Yoga Jeans are the ideal transatlantic travelling companion, because Second uses denim with 92% shape memory, while the industry standard is only 64%." Ladies can also rejoice that this a butt-crack safe jean. Unlike most pairs where you get that annoying little U-shaped hole in the back, the Yoga Jean will hide your bum and hug your waist when sitting down. High-rise, five-pockets, boot-cut with an awesome maroon color for an ultra sexy fit. The straight leg ankle cut boot are great for ankle boots and any length tunic.

  • 100% Made in Canada
  • Model is wearing size 24
  • Consult our measurement/fit guide here

Second was founded in Montreal in 2000 by Eric Wazana. The company specializes in up-market jeans, including Second’s Yoga Jeans, named the best women’s jeans by a number of magazines (carried at Radish Underground!). Second is keen on keeping the lines within the local economy and encouraging support for local designers. It is known for the quality of its cuts and for its social conscience, reflected in its 100% Quebec production and its constant search for new ecological fibres to use in its clothing. The latest S(eco)nd collection is the natural extension of the company’s collective vision.