Lato Curved Leather Belt

$78.00 $40.00

Brand: Embrazio

The Embrazio Lato Curved leather belt is shaped with a subtle yet definite s-curved wrap of hips and waist. This unique design fits so much better than straight belts, enhancing not only the feel to but also the look of the wearer.  Rising over the hips, the belt does not press into one's hipbones.  Coming slightly down in back the belt does not have that annoying gap when worn with jeans or pants. This belt is also designed to allow for interchangeable buckles.   

Constructed of premium, full-grain leather featuring the leather's natural texture, the Embrazio Lato Curved belt is a one-of-a kind accessory that just gets better with time and wear.


  • Handmade in Leon, Mexico
  • 100% Genuine Leather
  • Dimensions: 1 1/2" wide


Stephanie Boyles & Scott Schaefer created Embrazio with a simple but very appealing concept in mind… develop authentic high quality leather accessories with design elements to specifically address the needs of a modern lifestyle. Each item is constructed of the highest quality leather and is handmade by expert leather craftsman in Leon, Mexico, the recognized epicenter for leather products in the western hemisphere. Traveling frequently between Boulder and Leon, the creators also make a point to personally know the individuals who contribute to bringing Embrazio products to life and are constantly on the lookout for ways to make continuous improvement. Embrazio accessories offer authentic beauty, enduring quality, and graceful functionality, lending an old world feel to modern lifestyles.