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Natural Plumping Lip Gloss


Brand: Moonrise Creek

This all natural, vegan lip gloss, will give you fuller lips without all the toxins and junk. It has a tingling sensation at first, but you'll quickly see the effect. The cinnamon and peppermint in this gloss both help to promote blood flow, while increasing circulation to your lips, giving them an all natural, rosy hue.

These oils will help to heal, condition, and moisturize your lips, leaving them feeling soft, with a beautiful glossy look. Once you feel that you have achieved your desired result, you can keep the gloss on, or wipe it off to apply your favorite lip stick or tint.

  • Handmade in Grass Valley, California
  • No synthetic perfumes or fragrance oils
  • Chemical Free
  • Toxin Free
  • Preservative Free
  • Size: 0.35 oz Glass Roll On Vial (Please Reuse/Recycle after use)


Moonrise Creek is a family owned and operated company dedicated to creating high quality, earth wise, back to your roots artisan goods since 2014. Their shop contains an array of handcrafted botanical goods, including plant based skin care, mineral cosmetics, aromatherapy, healing herbal apothecary, mens grooming items, as well as other shaving and cosmetic tools. We are a planet wise, animal friendly, low impact, earth conscious company.