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Snack Attack Nail Decals


Brand: Jane's Tiny Things

Snack Attack Nail Decals: Give yourself the look of a handpainted professional manicure in a snap with these super cute, high-quality water slide decals in the raddest designs around!

  • The Snack Attack set comes with 54 decals in two different sizes. The white paper will slide away when activated with water and these late night fast food run inspired designs will be left on a clear background.
  • The set includes burgers, fries, pizza, nachos, Chinese takeout, hot dogs, tacos, soft pretzels, and buffalo wings, all in color. Your nails will keep you from getting hangry! 
  • Handmade in New Jersey




    Nail decals are activated with plain water. Just press a wet paper towel against them like a temporary tattoo, or dip them into a bowl of water and slide the paper backing away, and place the decals right on top of your nails. Seal it with a top coat and you're done!

    Your decals will look great over light-colored polish. Nudes, neutrals, pastels, and light metallics work best. There are enough decals for lots of manis in each pack, so feel free to experiment! They work with regular nail polish and gel polish.

    Each pack comes with full instructions, and here is a 15-second how to video:


    Jane is a nail artist from Red Bank, New Jersey. She started Jane's Tiny Things because of her love of tiny things! She makes amazing hand painted nail decals references the best of pop culture and clever imagery.