Waffle Leggings


Brand: National Picnic

The Waffle Leggings by National Picnic are so awesome! Like long johns, these have a waffle material but aren't super tight all the way down. They have a band at the top and bands at the ankles. The leggings are in a grey color which is great for Fall and Winter - wear them with an oversized sweatshirt or a buttoned up flannel. 


  • Made in the USA
  • 96% Rayon / 4% Lycra
  • Model is wearing XS (size 0-2)
  • Consult our measurement/fit guide here


National Picnic offers interpretations of classic American feminine style—including day dresses in pima cottons, bamboo, and hemp blends, pop-over blouses in conversation-worthy prints, and sporty tops subtly shaped for the perfect female fit. Described as "accidentally sexy," the collections have attracted a diverse fan base of modern women, with one thing in common: they're seeking to project a unique style for their everyday wardrobe that suits their busy schedules.